The author response phase

The author response phase has begun and will end on 17 July, 2021 (anywhere on Earth). Authors now have a chance to view the draft reviews of their submissions, and, optionally, write a response. Detailed instructions and draft reviews have been emailed to the authors (if you submitted papers to EMNLP-2021, but didn’t receive the email, please remember to check your spam folder.)

To check the reviews and to submit your response, please login to the submission Website using your START account.

If you choose to respond to the reviews:

  • Remember that reviewing is double-blind.
  • Do not include any information in the response that can identify you or your co-authors.
  • Do not include any URLs in your response.
  • Use the response judiciously. If a reviewer has expressed uncertainty about an issue, or is making an incorrect assumption, or has misunderstood a point in the paper, please address these concerns in your author response.
  • There is no need to respond to every minor question or suggestion for improvement.
  • In interpreting your review, and the numerical scores, please refer to the review instructions.
  • You are requested not to use the response form to debate the reviewers’ subjective opinions regarding the merit of your work. Nor should you try to “correct” your paper in any way - either in terms of its basic technical arguments, or in the presentation of those arguments. Above all, the response facility should not be used to report on new results, obtained after the submission deadline.
  • This process is intended to help produce more accurate reviews for your paper. It is not intended to strengthen the arguments in your paper.

If the paper is accepted, you will still have an opportunity to make revisions, i.e., before submitting your camera-ready copy.

Responses must be no more than 900 words in total, counting the text boxes for responding to each reviewer, and the general response box. Comments to the chair do not count towards this word count.

Each submission should have at least three reviews. If your paper has fewer than three reviews, please check START at a later point as our senior program committee is working hard to chase the missing reviews.

EMNLP 2021 Program Co-chairs